All About Reshipping and Top 3 Reasons Why it Happens - ChicagoShipper

It is a known fact that not all shipping processes go smoothly as expected. Unwanted, yet expected things can surely be in the way when it comes to the whole process. One of these is the need for reshipping. 

 Reshipping is the process of shipping the item to the customer for the second time due to several possible reasons. And let’s take a look at the most common reasons why reshipping happens. 

  • Damaged on arrival

Damages cannot be prevented at times, due to the large number of shipments shippers handle. And shipping damages is an honest shipping carrier’s mistake and with that, it is the responsibility of the shipper to resend the item/s, correctly and ensure safe this time. 

  • Wrong order received

Order inaccuracy may also happen at times since there is no perfect shipping carrier and having a 100% accuracy rate when it comes to shipping is nearly impossible. This is something that carriers don’t take very lightly and actions are really needed to be done by the shipping company due to the honest fault of sending an incorrect order, which is specifically to send the correct item.

  • Lost in transit orders

This applies when an order cannot be tracked and is reported lost while in transit. This means that the item did not arrive at its destination, which may be caused by certain reasons such as incorrect or damaged shipping label, incomplete address on the label, or even theft. And when this happens, the merchant must coordinate with the customer for the setting up of reshipping. 

Having these possible issues you may encounter during the shipping process, we must ensure that we choose the best shipping company that can handle such scenarios. Here in Chicago Shipper, we provide responsive and helpful customer service that can surely assist you in case you experience any of these. They are also responsive to general inquiries you may have regarding shipping.