Common Errors of E-Commerce Companies Before Holiday Season - ChicagoShipper

The holiday season is coming! And it is surely a busy season for every e-commerce company. However, this season may be taken for granted and there are a few mistakes that these companies unknowingly do, most especially with the fact that promotions are part of the holiday season. 

But what exactly are the mistakes that e-commerce companies must prevent from happening during the Holiday season? Let’s go ahead and take a look at the top common reasons.

  • Thinking your website is all ready for the season

Before holidays, people are expected to check on shopping sites to the highest extent, apparently looking for possible discounts and deals. This may cause website traffic due to the high volume of visitors, which may cause congestion on the site and may cause slower loading of the media uploaded, or worst-case scenario, causing crashing on the site. Website crashes are a catastrophe for e-commerce stores.

Given that these companies can’t prevent people from visiting their sites, they can always coordinate with their hosting partners to do some advanced preparation for the site including the installation of updated site software, running of server maintenance, ensuring daily backups, and many more. 

  • Failing to care for marketing and promotions 

Once stores are ready for the possible high traffic on their websites, they must then partner it with extensive marketing efforts towards the deals they will be having. These holiday campaigns can be run on social medial platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, with an option to enter customers’ email addresses which will lead them to the website.

  • Shortage in Inventory

Poor forecasting and inaccurate inventory management are the most common reasons why a shortage in inventory happens. It happens if there is an absence of data on the stock turn, sell-through, historical sales, promotions, seasonality, and the economic climate.

This can be prevented is by gaining better visibility. With this, you will be able to have control over the monitoring of the stocks to avoid any inventory issues. Inventory management is also a key to ensuring enough stocks, not too much and not too scarce.