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Customer experience is the focus of e-commerce. Often overlooked, an important part of this experience is related to the reliability and predictability surrounding order management. 

Value add-ons such as alerts regarding estimated delivery date, tracking number, and delivery status throughout the process all help to remove the “risk” of buying goods online and build trust with your customers. 

However, as retailers of all sizes compete with industry tycoons, customer expectations continue to rise. Some of today’s most common expectations are to receive prompt delivery and know exactly when the package will be delivered. 

Two-day free shipping surely helps with the first item, and e-commerce order tracking helps with the second item. 

E-Commerce Order Tracking Meaning 

Ecommerce order monitoring lets you reveal all your online orders and shipments and speak the order popularity for your clients at any factor in time. Ecommerce order monitoring consists of capabilities like cargo monitoring, envisioned transport dates, and common updates at the order popularity. Together, these items play a key position withinside the patron experience, letting consumers understand what to anticipate regarding the transport and be alerted of any possible delays. 

Advantages of Order Tracking 

Requiring e-commerce order tracking is now considered an integral service for any e-commerce business. Direct-to-consumer brands and their customers have several advantages. 

  • Reduction in Cost 

As we all know, dealing with customer complaints or inquiries is very costly in the long run. After a certain degree, you will be needing to employ a set of people to work as customer service, or maybe use a bot to answer each of the customer’s inquiries and complaints. If not done, your reviews may be affected in a negative way. 

Fortunately, using e-commerce order tracking significantly reduces the number of inquiries. After implementation, all tracking information is automatically provided to the customer. And if you run into problems, you can easily search all your orders to find what you really need. 

Order tracking automates the process without adding extra work and frees the customer support team without sacrificing quality. Saving time and money gives you more resources to invest in other ways to improve your customer experience. 

  • Meeting Your Customers Expectations 

Buyers are accustomed to increasing the transparency of their orders. Online shopping needs it in such a competitive e-commerce environment. If your brand doesn’t want to lose its business to Amazon or other major retailers, an e-commerce order tracking system is a must. 

Buyers pay attention to and endanger customer loyalty if e-commerce businesses do not provide the services they expect. Providing order tracking that provides the latest information that customers want, is likely to meet their expectations, provide good reviews of, repurchase, and may lead to the mouth of words. 

Also, rather than apologizing for “I don’t know where your item is,” customers are most satisfied if they get an answer regarding the status of their deliveries. Due to the high volume of travel and transportation, orders may be far from their final destination. After an order leaves the fulfillment center or packing facility, it may go to a post office or sorting facility before it arrives at the customer. Prevent confusion by continuing to provide information to your customers. 

  • Controlled Over Fulfillment 

Once the boxes are packed and in the hands of the carrier, your job isn’t done. Order tracking gives you more control over the order processing process and allows you to quickly and easily address any issues that arise. Without the system, relevant tracking information can be lost and email backlogs from unfortunate customers can occur. 

Customer purchase is great, but the real money is to have repeaters who keep buying more from you. A good e-commerce fulfillment strategy, including order tracking, can help minimize problems, increase lifetime value from customers, and increase sales. 


This level of transparency is needed, as in most cases, because customers monitor tracking pages, turn on phone updates, and stay in the loop. The information is powerful. When it comes to parcel delivery, don’t leave your customers in the dark. 

Since e-commerce order tracking has become a standard service, your business will be hurt if you don’t provide this important service. 

Knowing the location of your product from order to delivery is an important way to improve your experience and influence how your customers see you. By managing this perception, you can earn more trust from your customers. This, of course, leads to better relationships and more sales in the long run. 

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