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Customers prefer to buy from businesses that offer more delivery alternatives (66%). Giving clients the opportunity to select the shipping method that best meets their needs allows you to increase sales. 

However, during the checkout, normal shipping is the default choice that every customer expects. 

While normal delivery is inexpensive, it is also time-consuming. Some clients who are accustomed to next-day or same-day deliveries may be put off by this. Customers have diverse incentives when it comes to their chosen delivery option, which is why you must let them choose their preferred delivery provider. 

Chicago Shipper recognizes how critical it is for shipping to be dependable, timely, and precise in order to exceed client expectations. As a result, we cater to retailers searching for the best e-commerce shipping choices that meet both shipment time and cost constraints. 

Standard Shipping Definition: 

Standard shipping, also known as economy shipping, regular shipping, or ground shipping, is one of the most popular and cost-effective delivery choices provided by shipping companies. When using a basic domestic courier service in the United States, your items will travel by ground transport and arrive in three to five business days. 

International standard shipping takes anything from 7 to 30 days to reach the receiver. 

What is the process for standard shipping? 

Standard shipping is best suited for firms who want to deliver small to large boxes at a low cost. The shipping cost varies according on parcel delivery distance, weight, size, and other factors. 

When a consumer selects this option, you must provide them with a clear shipping policy that discusses shipping charges and methods, delivery periods, and other details. 

The shipping companies choose, sort, and pack orders submitted via standard shipment. They are then sent through ground transport to consumers in 3 to 7 business days via road. 

It is not necessary to purchase boxes of a certain size for ordinary shipment. To pack your goods, you may use any box that suits it. 

Depending on the region, international standard delivery takes substantially longer. Custom duties and taxes may also apply. 

Many courier partners additionally provide e-commerce order monitoring to keep you and the customer informed of the parcel’s exact location until it is delivered. 

Standard Shipping vs Other Shipping Methods 

When businesses choose standard delivery, they save money on shipping expenses, which they may pass on to their customers. However, this is not always sufficient. Customers usually want more. 

To avoid losing sales due to shipping restrictions, you should give shipping alternatives that will meet the demands of clients based on their desired delivery time and budget. 

In this part, we’ll compare ordinary delivery to express, ground, and international shipping. 

Standard Shipping vs. Express Shipping 

Standard shipping is a slower postal option that takes three to seven business days to arrive from the moment the purchase is despatched. Express delivery, on the other hand, is the speedier and more expensive choice. 

The words express shipment and expedited shipping are occasionally used interchangeably. If a shop offers both, remember that express will deliver your items faster (often the very next day or in two days), whereas expedited is merely a speedier choice than regular delivery. 

Expedited shipping is sometimes referred to as premium shipping by some carriers, and it is great for clients that need their items delivered much sooner. ShipBob provides its merchants with access to low-cost 2-day shipping. 

Standard Shipping vs. Ground Shipping 

Standard and ground shipping are interchangeable. Parcels are picked up from warehouses and delivered to customers through ground conveyance for domestic deliveries. The items are delivered within 3 to 5 business days. 

Customers who live in more rural areas of the United States may have to wait a bit longer for their shipment. Consider the services of regional package carriers in this situation. 

Standard Shipping vs. International Shipping 

In comparison to accelerated international shipping, the service-level agreement (SLA) for normal international shipping is slower and less expensive. 

Customers should expect normal delivery to abroad areas to take 1 to 3 weeks to arrive. It might take up to 5 weeks if there are customs delays. Expedited shipment, on the other hand, will take only 1 to 6 business days.