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Visualize a restaurant needing to manually check DoorDash every few minutes to see if an order has been placed by a customer. This will absolutely slow down the process of the whole order preparation, and delivery. Fortunately, DoorDash uses automation to help restaurants manage their food orders more efficiently. 

This applies to e-commerce as well. Automation plays a central role in order processing as it can reduce delivery times, significantly reduce human error, and significantly streamline the entire order processing process (from ordering to picking to shipping). 

We will be discussing a better view of how automated order processing works and how it can help with the speeding u[p of your e-commerce business. 

Automated Order Processing Definition 

Automatic order processing saves you the hassle of manual labor and helps you process your orders faster. Orders are completed faster and more accurately because inefficiencies are eliminated from the order management process. 

How Does Automated Processing Works? 

This order processing system is integrated with your online store and sales channels. This will help out in connecting sales with the supply chain without any hassle so that orders are verified and processed as soon as they’re placed online by customers. Once orders are placed, their status is automatically updated in real-time, and customers are alerted accordingly. 

Advantages of Automated Order Processing Software 

By executing automated order processing software, e-commerce companies can significantly improve their efficiency in terms of order management and optimizing supply chains. Sharing with you some of the main benefits of automating order processing: 

  • Automatically record order data processing 

The automated order processing system receives and validates customer orders and inputs them directly into the company’s order processing or ERP inventory system. This eliminates the need to constantly re-enter information such as customer information and customers’ shipping location. Historical order data can be used at a later time to predict the demand and provide other important insights for further business decisions. 

  • Gathers Customers’ Information 

With this automated processing system, customer information, as well as detailed data about the order, is being collected. And with the collection of this information, businesses will be able to get enough details for a better decision-making process for the business in terms of improvements.

  • Enhances Accuracy and Prevents Errors 

Manually entering orders and customer details can increase human error and inaccuracies. This can lead to further problems in the order management process, which as fulfilling and shipping the incorrect orders. Using automated processing software does not only fastens the whole process of ordering but also helps with the accuracy of the order placing. 

  • Organized Order Tracking for Better Order Management System 

The automated order processing software can be streamlined with the inventory management system. In this way, you will be able to have great control over the inventory system, which will surely help with the elimination of human error and loss of data, as well as the improvement of data security. 

  • Reduce the Cost of Order Fulfillment 

An automated and fully integrated order processing system helps save fulfillment costs for a long period of time. Since you will not have to manually enter and track the orders, this will help with the reduction of labor needed for the whole process, making it more efficient. 

  • Helps With a Faster Shipping 

Order processing can take up so much time, from order verification down to label creation. And with the help of an automated processing system, if you are to process a huge number of orders, the time used for the preparation of orders can be minimized, which will speed up the shipping process. That will provide you with a better impact on your customers. 

  • Gives You the Ability to Process Orders Anywhere 

Automation allows teams to process orders from anywhere by simply tracking orders at an actual time from an automated order processing system. No matter where the customer places the order, the order is automatically confirmed and processed, and the order data is automatically sent to the warehouse. 

  • Keeps Exceptionally High Customer Satisfaction 

Accurate order processing, together with a fast shipping timeframe, will always give customers a great order placing experience. Proactively notifying customers regarding the status of their orders will also add satisfaction to the whole process, preventing too much contact via customer service emails, resulting to happier customers. 

Eventually, you can also take your e-commerce sales to the next level by using an automated order processing system. The combination of all these benefits will surely help provide a great customer experience to all your customers. 

As an example, if you want to shorten delivery times and lower order processing costs, you can gain a competitive advantage by choosing a lower price. This means more customers, and more customers mean higher sales. 

This is How Automatic Order Processing Works in 3PL 

Automated order processing has been known often used by big e-commerce companies, and, with a help of a third-party logistics (3PL) like Chicago Shipper, anything you may need to know about this automated shipping option will be provided to you. This will help you prevent doing a manual entry job on the order process that will only consume more time. 

At Chicago Shipper, once customers place an order, it will automatically be sent to the fulfillment department, where all the inventories are kept, and then the sales process will be automatically be done.  

After that, fulfillment professionals can select, pack, and ship orders, and tracking information is automatically transferred to the store where you can share it with your customers. 

Our technology provides built-in inventory management so you can easily keep an eye on the inventory levels, the view order status in real-time, gain insights into your orders, and plan future demand with accurate data collection information. 


Order processing automation helps fulfillment be streamlined with the shipping processes, driving up customer satisfaction, and further improving operations. Most e-commerce businesses that use 3PL like Chicago Shipper surely utilize all aspects of the fulfillment process, helping tremendously with the growth of the companies. 

Check with us to know more about Chicago Shipper and how to take advantage of the automated order processing that can improve your business.