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Customer service is very important in all businesses to create a reputable image for the customers. It does matter a lot!

 Many of us are exchanging the luxury of personal sales assistants for an online shopping experience, but that doesn’t mean that customers haven’t longed for it yet, and even better-quality customer service.

Successful E-commerce Depends on Excellent Customer Service

 Customer service is important in every company and every industry. But even more important is the communication in running an online brand. Companies who take customer service in a serious manager get higher profitability.

Top 5 Famous Platforms for E-commerce Customer Service 

Omni-channel customer service is undoubtedly increasing, with up to 9 out of 10 shoppers wanting a consistent omnichannel experience. 

Therefore, it is imperative to provide consumers with a variety of communication platforms to choose from. And here are the top platforms commonly used by businesses:

1. Live Chat

Adding of live chat widget on your website can surely provide immediate assistance to customers since it will be a real-time connection with a representative.

Some live chat software is very complex and can send automated live chat campaigns based on the web page the visitor is visiting. Nonetheless, this is a very effective way to increase customer engagement which will then lead to an increase in sales.

2. Online Forms

In most cases, customers use online forms to connect with a brand. The online shop contact form provides customers with a reliable and easy way to contact your brand, though the design may vary depending on the company’s target market.

3. Social Media’s Direct Messages

            Almost all people have their own social media account and it is without a doubt that sending a direct message through social medial pages is not that difficult. Not only can you integrate your e-commerce store with social media to increase your social media presence, but you can also create a platform that customers can easily connect to.

4. Through Email

            Having an email address where your customers can send you an e-mail easily is really helpful for providing satisfactory customer service to them, in a timely and personalized manner. The good thing about it is that sometimes, e-commerces can set up an auto-generated response with a ticket number that customers can save as a reference.

5. Having a Knowledge Base Online

Knowledge Base is a  collection of published documents that include answers to frequently asked questions, how-tos, and troubleshooting steps, that can surely guide each customer who wishes to resolve their problems or to know the answers to their questions on their own. 

Top Reason Why Customer Reaches Out: Shipping

In order to improve the customer service to the best of an e-commerce company’s ability, they must do research first on what exactly is the main reason why customers are contacting them.

            And since shipping is part of every e-commerce business, this is the main reason why customers are contacting to verify the delivery date, delayed shipping, status of the order, etc. This is where the live chat widget comes into play as this will automatically help the customer even on their own to track their orders.

            Proactive pop-up messages giving the customer the information they need can help to decrease the need for them to chat with a live representative and can further minimize the time they need to spend on their concerns.

Poor Customer Service Will Destroy Your Business 

You’re probably already guessing this from the tone of the title, and yes, you heard that correctly, bad customer service will always lead to the death of one’s business.  Always provide outstanding customer service to avoid unwanted scandals that will drag your business’ name down.

Put Most of Your Time to What is Relevant 

Automation is the key to a successful customer service strategy. That way, you can earn valuable time and focus on making money.

            And since Shipping is the most common reason why customers reach out to a company, here in Chicago Shipper, we always ensure that we provide a proactive status of your orders to avoid any unwanted bombarding of customer concerns that can easily be prevented through notifications. Better shipping strategies reduce transportation-related customer service tickets, improve overall customer communication and support, and improve customer satisfaction. 

Are you ready to improve your e-commerce customer service strategy? 

Reading the abovementioned tips for a better customer service strategy will surely help you create a great name for your business and here in Chicago Shipper, we will also ensure that shipping will be less of your worry-list when it comes to shipping your items. Get a shipping quote now!