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It is a fact that the shipping process is not always gonna be perfect. Damages can still be experienced at times and are inevitable in every e-commerce business.

Sadly, in the world of e-commerce, consumers cannot afford to physically inspect a product before purchasing it, eliminating the need for this quality control process. In addition, the transportation process can increase the risk of damage.

The package can be damaged during shipping, by the shipper, improper handling, exposure to water, and many other methods that can affect the order.

Damaged products are often out of control, can affect customer satisfaction, and are very expensive for high-quality products, which is a major problem for retailers. 

Having a damaged product during the shipping process is surely costly, which will include the cost for the return of the broken item, the cost for the new item to be delivered, and the cost of the broken item that can no longer be sold. 

Luckily we got ways to prevent this unwanted happening and unwanted charges that it may incur.  Here are the most common shipping errors that cause shipping damages: 

  • Excessive space in the package 

If the space inside the box is too much than the product inside it, there is a big chance that the item will be joggled inside the box while being shipped, which may cause the item to be damaged while in transit. 

Another issue shippers may experience is the too-large container used for the item that can cause an additional charge that due to the space it will consume. The carrier uses the dimension weight to calculate and calculate the shipping cost. Even if the package is light, the van will have more space and you will be charged according to size. 

  • Insufficient Fillers 

Fillers or cushions are not mandatory for all shipping packages, however, adding these on the packaging and add an extra touch of protection on the item you will be shipping, preventing unwanted damages once it arrives at the receiver. 

  • Inappropriate Handling 

Your item will be passed on from one person to another and that is totally a normal thing when it comes to shipping. Some boxes are also marked with a “fragile” sign, however, it is not being initiated that way. Inappropriate handling of packages can cause damage that frustrates customers. Fortunately, there is improper handling of insurance (more on this later). 

  • Damage Caused by Water and Humidity 

Temperature fluctuations and bad weather along the transportation route can cause damage. In addition, if the package is stored outside a person’s home, unexpected rain can damage the package and its contents. 

Too much condensation is likely to occur when trailers and containers are exposed to extreme changes in temperature and humidity. This can lead to warpage, corrosion, or product destruction. 

It is advisable to consider including desiccants in cargo that passes through different climatic conditions. They help keep your cargo dry all the time. You may also need to check the product packaging to make sure that proper protection is provided. 

  • Theft 

Stolen items may not be considered as damaged items but it is absolutely a loss in the business’ revenue due to the missing parcel that will be documented on the inventory. 

You can surely tell your customers about the free services offered by carriers such as UPS to reduce the possibility of theft. This allows you to schedule delivery times, deliver orders to local collectors (such as convenience stores), and more. 

  • Pest 

When transporting food, you need to be careful about the intrusion of pests. It is usually the presence of many insects and animals (rodents) in one place that damage the product or contaminate it so that it cannot be consumed anymore. Mostly, it happens with international shipments in big cargo ships. 

Essential Steps to Avoid Damage in Transit

Since 20% of e-commerce returns are due to damaged items, there are many ways to avoid shipping damage and reduce costs. 

  • Using a Box with the Right Size 

The box where the item will be put on should be only a little bit larger than the item itself. The more they are closer in size, the better, to ensure that there is sufficient space for the item, and to prevent it from moving too much inside the box. 

  • Opting to Wrap the Products 

Though it is not a mandatory thing to put wrappers on the items when shipping them, it is very much recommended to put fragile, easily-breaking items in a secured wrapper to prevent it from being damaged. 

  • Secure the Empty Space with Fillers 

Fill the remaining space between the product and the box with clogging. Ideally,  all  empty spaces should be filled with the correct packaging to prevent anything from moving. This is especially important for items such as electronics that can malfunction even with small scratches. 

  • Put a Fragile Label 

Putting a Fragile Label on the outside part of the package means that the goods inside it must be handled with extensive care to avoid breakage. And applying it on the order will give necessary protection for the item as the handler will be taking care of it. 

  • Collect and Analyze Data on Shipping Damage 

If you have problems with damage in transit, make a note of each damaged package, the type of damage, and how it occurred, and take steps to prevent the damage from recurring. 

Are Couriers Responsible for Damage in Transit? 

Carriers may be held liable if there is evidence that the product has been damaged in transit. This can be difficult to prove because you don’t know what’s going on with the individual packages. However, many of the major carriers offer transportation insurance so that the sender can claim if the package is damaged or lost in transit. 

Despite proper packaging, inserts, or other materials for safe storage, if the cargo can be proven to be damaged (using photo evidence and invoices for lost or damaged orders), you are eligible to file a claim. 

Prevent Shipping Damages with Chicago Shipper 

A noticeable increase in the percentage of damaged shipping is really alarming and one good thing to prevent it is to look for a shipping company that handles shipping to the highest extent of care. Chicago Shipper is a fulfilling shipping company that provides a very protected shipping experience for e-commerce businesses. 

Competent Fulfillment Experts 

With 14 years of experience, Chicago Shipper will surely deliver a great shipping experience for your e-commerce business. Together with our friendly customer service, shipping has been made easier! 

The package can be damaged from time to time. It happens. You can’t prevent 100% of the damage, but you need to try to reduce it in order to make a long-term profit. 

Your e-commerce business should be ready and should absolutely know how to fix shipping damage. To achieve this, we can work with shipping and logistics partners to keep inventory safe, pack boxes accurately, and use best practices and technology to reduce shipping damage. 

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