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Top 3 Common Packing Errors Businesses Must Avoid 

Packing a box may really sound very easy, but there are actually incorrect things businesses are doing unknowingly when it comes to packing. 

Let’s look into these common mistakes when packaging and shipping so they can be prevented moving forward. 

  • Using a box that is too large

This may seem not a problem at all but if you will think about it, using a large box too big for the item will not be a cost-friendly solution as you will be overcharged for the space it will take up, given that the item inside it is too small. 

  • Using a box that is too small

On another note, using a box too small for the item will not be advisable too. This may lead to your item being damaged. And no one surely wants to receive a damaged item, right! 

The best solution for the first two mistakes is simply being aware of the correct dimensional weight to find the optimal box option depending on the item’s size and weight. 

  • Not choosing the correct courier

Why is this an issue? Basically, choosing the wrong courier is like choosing any possible problem with the item’s delivery. Usual issues are too high of a rate, items won’t arrive safely, and the worst one, it will not arrive on your expected delivery date. Hence, choosing the best courier must really be considered when shipping!

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